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School Assemblies
We Bring The Museum To You!
  • Enjoy a really cool Dinosaur, Fossils & Minerals School Assembly Program.
  • Schedule weekly after school Dinosaur Themed Programs.
  • Participate in unbelievable Dinosaur Summer and Day Camp Activities.
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Birthday Parties
A Museum Right In Your Own Home!
Fun filled Birthday Parties with a great presentation along with a genuine fossil dig where your guests keep and take home genuine fossils and beautiful minerals.
Corporate Events
Make Your Next Corporate Event The Most Memorable Ever!
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BRAND NEW for School Assemblies & Birthday Parties. Learn Amazing facts about our Oceans along with an incredible dig to find and keep real fossil shark teeth, beautiful sea shells and more.
Fascinating exhibits include prehistoric fish fossils, ammonites, trilobites, shark jaws, sea stars, prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth and more.
Many Genuine Fossil as well as cast specimens (same as seen in all Museums) will be on Display. Imagine touching a Real Fossil Dinosaur Egg and even Dinosaur Poop!
Programs run from 45 minutes to about 1-hr. We Bring The Museum To Your School and YOU save thousands on bus costs and no more downtime counting kids, bathroom breaks, etc etc.
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Walt & Brian Whittington

Dinosaur Birthday Parties, Amazing Dinosaur School Assemblies and After school Programs, Dinosaur Camp Activities, Shopping Mall and other Dinosaur Theme Promotional Events.

  • Have an amazing Dinosaur Birthday Party.
  • Hold a Fossil Dig or Pan for Gems and Minerals at your next Scout meeting.
  • Use the appeal of Dinosaurs to promote community involvement.
  • Publicise a Dinosaur Event at a local Shopping Mall to attract thousands of people.

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